Fishing and traffic near fish farms

Publisert 01.10.2015 av Sondre Benjamin Aasen Sjømat Norge Havbruk

Food production of this nature demands strict compliance with hygiene and safety requirements.

Neither recreational nor professional fishing is permitted within a 100-metre zone around fish farms. The fishing ban applies from the outer boundary of the farm, which is marked by buoys.

Boating is not permitted within 20 metres of the fish farm, including drift net and line fishing. The boating ban applies from the outer boundary of the farm, which is marked by buoys.

The reason for these bans is to minimise the risk of accidents that can lead to the escape of farmed fish. Fishing and unnecessary boating around a fish farm can also contribute to an increased risk of the spread of disease and stress to the fish.

Violation of the bans will result in criminal sanctions.




Aquaculture – controlled food production

Norway is the world’s leading producer of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout through aquaculture. Since the 1970s, the aquaculture industry has grown considerably and is currently one of Norway’s most important export industries.

Aquaculture is controlled food production that is regulated by strict rules and regulations to ensure food safety, good fish health, the lowest possible environmental impact and a safe workplace.

Less than 5% of the world’s food supply is ocean-based and aquaculture is the food industry that is experiencing the most growth around the world. The same development is taking place in Norway, which has a particularly well-suited coastline for ocean-based food production. Numerous deep fjords with a major water exchange from the North Atlantic ocean currents create the perfect conditions for aquaculture in Norway.



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