The Norwegian Seafood Federation

Publisert 19.05.2020 av Tarjei Svalbjørg Sjømat Norge

The Norwegian Seafood Federation (formerly known as FHL) represents the interests of approximately 800 member companies. Our member companies cover the entire value chain from fjord to dinner table in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in Norway.

The Norwegian Seafood Federation is affiliated with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). NHO is the main representative body for Norwegian employers with a current membership of over 28.000 companies ranging from small family-owned businesses to multinational companies.


  • Promote policies and legislation that benefit our members
  • Promote our members‘ interests in regard to exports, trade and other international issues
  • Advise member companies on a wide range of issues, including
    • Health, environment and safety
    • Quality systems
    • Food safety
    • Trade regulations
    • Legal advice in employee matters
    • Coordinates research and development
    • Represents employers in joint negotiations



Seafood production in Norway

Norway is uniquely blessed with a long and fertile coastline.  The sea’s abundant resources have laid the foundation for sustaining active coastal communities combining innovation with traditional culture.

The access to some of the worlds most productive marine environment allows our businesses to deliver a wide range of seafood to all four corners of the world. The fisheries and aquaculture industry is Norway’s largest export industry after oil and gas.  Our products from captured and farmed fish are exported to more than 150 countries.

Norway’s seafood industry is also bound to have a tremendous impact in the future. The Norwegian Seefood Federation strives to ensure that the national authorities bear this in mind when determining national priorities.

More information in English

Factsheets, brochures, reports and other publications about the Norwegian seafood industry can be downloaded from this page (Norwegian and English language).

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